Flavour and taste is everything for Spine & Marrow culinary readymades. This is the key to all our food products, and former Michelin Fine Dining Chef de Cuisine Robert Kranenborg, our Dutch Master of Taste, knows no other way of doing things. At Spine & Marrow we want everything to be delectably ‘tasty’. We like to invent start-ups, and come up with new ideas that go far beyond the food that is eventually served on a plate. There is a whole new and exciting world of food out there that needs to be explored and discovered.

Spine & Marrow likes to go to the centre of things. What is the reason behind every step we take and everything we do? What are the thoughts behind any particular project or action?

As our name already suggests, we’re just like ‘spine and marrow’: tough when required, and soft when desired. We like to go to the core of our business, but never forget the things that are in its surrounding orbit.

Spine & Marrow culinary readymades is a cooperation between Robert Kranenborg and Vincent Wijers. Robert is a gastronomic virtuoso and an expert in the world of hotels, restaurants and other venues. He has had 40 years of international experience and the past 25 years are distinguished by a wide range of creativity in gastronomic concepts, all rewarded with Michelin stars. In addition, Robert has been active as a consultant for the most renowned companies in the hospitality industry since 2007. Vincent is skilled in concepting, vision, branding and design.

Sometimes Robert is the marrow and Vincent the spine and sometimes it’s the other way around, but in essence we like cooperation: the sharing of ideas and knowledge, and giving everyone and each other the best of ourselves.

For Spine & Marrow the most important thing in life is developing ideas that become reality; and for your convenience, we are a one stop shop!