Spine & Marrow enjoys doing something in our neighbourhood. That is why we came up with Just Taste - delivery only. Residents in Amsterdam Zuid, the canals and the Zuidas (see map) can register on Instagram or info@spineandmarrow.nl to order the Robert Kranenborg culinary readymades. This initiative is very much under the radar and low key. Please don’t pass this on to your friends and family too much.

Vincent does the delivery and if you wish you can have a chat with him. On Instagram we will let you know what our offer is at a given day or time. This can vary from 50 | 50 products to fish. Or from stews to vegetable products. All at very competitive prices, because there is, after all, no intermediate trade. Brought to you directly from the producer and therefore guaranteed fresh. Very much Spine & Marrow.

Keep an eye on Instagram and social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. And if you’re not into social media, contact us at info@spine&marrow.nl. Please also provide your telephone number so that we can coordinate properly and know that you are at home during delivery time.